Most of our wine is aged and matured in barrel before bottling and throughout each vintage we will select only the best parcels of fruit to age in new American and French oak. Our best Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Grenache will go to barrel each year and will only be released when we believe it has achieved time to integrate and balance correctly, great complexity taste and aroma can be achieved using this traditional maturing process.

In traditional wine making this process takes advantage of the aging process. Wine grapes are grown, harvested and fermented in a way that the wine has very concentrated levels of various natural flavours and chemicals, with time some of the original taste elements will soften and integrate. During this cellaring period the wine still has all the different types of original taste elements but the quantity of each has been reduced, it has a large number of new taste elements resulting in a wine of amazing complexity. The wine is not mono directional instead incredibly layered.

Bottle age in the cellar will only improve if the winemaker has allowed for it and he will be guided by the quality and intensity of the wine. Our bigger bolder and more complex wines Premium to Reserve will improve by a longer cellaring time in monitored stable conditions.

Our entry level wines are to be enjoyed soon after bottling usually more vibrant and fruitful as our Premium and Reserve offer complexity, integration of flavours, character and length.

' Whether you drink it now or let it lay, if it gives you joy what's another day. '